Alameda Point: Fiscal Impact Analysis: Final Report, December 20, 2013


This fiscal impact analysis estimates the net fiscal change to the various funds of the City of Alameda
upon full build out of the proposed redevelopment of the Alameda Point according to the 1996
Community Reuse Plan (“Reuse Plan”). Willdan Financial Services (Willdan) evaluated the impact of the
project on several of the City’s operating funds, including:
* The City’s General Fund;
* Urban Runoff (Fund 351);
* A‐17 Sewer Service Fee (Fund 602);
* Gas Tax fund (Fund 211);
* Alameda County Measure B (Fund 215); and
* Library Fund (Fund 210).
The General Fund is the major source of discretionary spending for key services, such as public works,
fire, police, and parks. The other funds are included in the analysis because they are impacted by
population and employment growth at Alameda Point or because they provide dedicated revenues to
fund services required by growth at Alameda Point.