Alameda Point Environmental Report: Nuclear research coming to Alameda Point historic district, November 16, 2017


Kairos Power will be moving its headquarters from Oakland to this building. Kairos will occupy half of the floor space that will include a newly built second floor being added by srmErnst to the interior. The research and development work will be done in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which is promoting a new generation of nuclear power reactors that use tennis-ball-sized “pebbles” made of carbon with uranium inside.

Traditional nuclear power plants employ nuclear fuel rods that are cooled by water and subject to meltdown if power to the cooling system fails. There are a variety of nuclear pebble cooling systems in the research stage. Kairos is working on one that uses molten salt. If proven commercially viable, it will solve the most worrisome problem for nuclear power – potential meltdown. Even with total loss of power, according to DOE research, pebble reactors with salt cooling fluid will continue to cool the reactor as the reactor process cycles down.