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San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda Naval Air Station development finally set to take off, June 30, 2015 Story 06/30/2015
The Alamedan: ELECTION 2014: Gilmore, Spencer vying for mayor's seat, October 2, 2014 Story 10/02/2014
San Francisco Business Times: Developers jump into race for 800-unit mixed-used project at Alameda Point, July 7, 2014 Story 07/07/2014
San Francisco Business Times: SunCal revives plans for Oakland's Oak Knoll, buys 167-acre development site for the second time, May 14, 2014 Story 05/15/2014
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda intends to bypass housing ban, develop ex-Navy base, May 2, 2014 Story 05/02/2014
The Alamedan: Council takes another big step toward developing Alameda Point,February 5, 2014 Story 02/05/2014
Inside Bay Area: Park plan absent from Alameda Point project, August 27, 2009 Story 07/31/2009
The Alamedan: Council debates Alameda Point developer selection process, November 7, 2013 Story 11/07/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: The developers debut, October 10, 2013 Story 10/10/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: Whither SunCal?, August 1, 2013 Story 08/01/2013
The Alamedan: Council to Consider Deeds for Alameda Point, May 17, 2013 Story 05/17/2013
Alameda Chamber opposes proposed SunCal initiative as 'development by ballot box' October 2009 Documents 10/09/2009
The Alamedan: Point development could start next year, January 25, 2013 Story 01/25/2013
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda, SunCal settle for $4.1 million, December 19, 2012 Story 12/20/2012
The Alamedan: City, SunCal settle suit, December 20, 2012 Story 12/20/2012
Mercury News: Planning Board to weigh Alameda Point economic development, November 21, 2012 Story 11/22/2012
East Bay Express: Alameda's Council, Up for Grabs, October 10, 2012 Story 10/10/2012
The Alamedan: Federal judge downsizes SunCal suit, September 17 2012 Story 09/18/2012
Mercury News: Alameda: City claims victory in developer lawsuit over former Navy base, September 18, 2012 Story 09/18/2012
Alameda Community News Project: Council balks at latest Point strategy, May 10, 2012 Story 05/10/2012
Alameda Journal: Council considers development proposal for Alameda Point, March 23, 2012 Story 03/22/2012
Alameda Community News Project: City Council to consider new development strategy for Alameda Point, March 20, 2012 Story 03/20/2012
San Francisco Chronicle: Judge's ruling makes Oak Knoll's future a mystery, March 10, 2012 Story 03/10/2012
Alameda Sun: SunCal Suit Shot Down, February 16, 2012 Story 02/17/2012
Alameda Journal: Judge: SunCal's $100 million claim against Alameda without merit, February 17, 2012 Story 02/16/2012
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda wins round in court against SunCal, February 15, 2012 Story 02/15/2012
Press Release: City of Alameda: Developer Suncal Loses $100M Claim Against Alameda, February 14, 2012 Documents 02/14/2012
Alameda Journal: Judge limits SunCal lawsuit, city says, October 28, 2011 Story 10/27/2011
BusinessWeek: Lehman, SunCal End Bankruptcy Fight Over California Projects, October 24, 2011 Story 10/24/2011
Wall Street Journal: Market Watch: Lehman, SunCal to face off in bankruptcy court, October 21, 2011 Story 10/22/2011
Wall Street Journal: Lehman, SunCal Settle Bankruptcy Dispute, October 25, 2011 Story 10/24/2011
Association of Defense Communities: Alameda’s No-Cost EDC Followed City’s Return to Original Reuse Plan, October 19, 2011 Documents 10/20/2011
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wetlands, Trails, Natural Habitat Concept Drawings for Alameda Point, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Wall Street Journal: Slimmer SunCal Steps Up Deals, August 3, 2011 Story 08/03/2011
Wall Street Journal: Alameda Maneuvers for Coveted Lab, July 21, 2011 Story 07/20/2011
East Bay Express: Russo's Next Big Challenge, June 8, 2011 Story 06/08/2011
MarketWatch: Lehman resists Suncal 'end run' around bankruptcy, May 25, 2011 Story 05/25/2011
Contra Costa Times: Berkeley lab selects six Bay Area sites [including Alameda] as finalists for second campus, May 9, 2011 Story 05/09/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Ex-Navy bases in Bay Area remain stuck in limbo, April 18, 2011 Story 04/20/2011
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal Back in Game on Auction, Army Deal, April 17, 2011 Story 04/17/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Army agrees to 180-acre land transfer in Dublin, April 8, 2011 Story 04/08/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Former US Navy hospital blown up in Oakland Hills, April 8, 2011 Story 04/08/2011
San Jose Mercury: Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to be imploded Friday, April 4, 2011 Story 04/04/2011
Alameda Sun: Developer Sues Anew, March 24, 2011 Story 03/25/2011
Alameda Journal: Application due Friday for Lawrence laboratory campus, March 4, 2011 Story 03/03/2011
San Jose Mercury: Dublin hoping to join suitors wooing new Berkeley lab campus, February 26, 2011 Story 02/26/2011
Wall Street Journal: Judge Sides With Barclays in Lehman Discount Suit, February 22, 2011 Story 02/22/2011
East Bay Express: An Alameda Power Play?, February 16, 2011 Story 02/17/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda city attorney wants new job plus old one, January 15, 2011 Story 01/15/2011
Oakland Tribune: Oak Knoll Naval Hospital to be demolished, January 11, 2011 Story 01/12/2011
Wall Street Journal: Lehman Brothers Compromise Paves Way For Real-Estate Sales, December 28, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
Orange County Business Journal: Three Stalled SunCal Developments Could Be Sold, December 27, 2010 Story 12/27/2010
San Francisco Examiner: Oakland Waits to Catch a Break, December 20, 2010 Story 12/20/2010
SunCal versus the City of Alameda, Second Amended Complaint, United States District Court, Northern District of California, November 29, 2010 Documents 12/11/2010
Wall Street Journal: Appeals Court Blocks SunCal From Suing Lehman Brothers, December 8, 2010 Story 12/09/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Claims City Violated the Constitution, December 2, 2010 Story 12/02/2010
The Island: City officials considering new Point property manager, December 2, 2010 Story 12/02/2010
Contra Costa Times: Developer amends lawsuit against City of Alameda over former Navy base, November 30, 2010 Story 11/30/2010
San Francisco Business Times: Suncal sues City of Alameda for $100M, November 30, 2010 Story 11/30/2010
Alameda Sun: Election Fallout, November 11, 2010 Story 11/11/2010
East Bay Express: No Decision in Oakland-SunCal-Lehman Fight Over Oak Knoll, November 8, 2010 Story 11/09/2010
East Bay Express: Will Lehman Abandon Oak Knoll?, November 3, 2010 Story 11/04/2010
The Island: Decision 2010: The final countdown, November 1, 2010 Story 11/01/2010
SunCal Campaign ads to defeat Matarrese, Sweeney, deHaan and Johnson, October 2010 Documents 10/31/2010
SunCal Expenditures to defeat Matarrese, Sweeney, deHaan and Johnson, October 28, 2010 Documents 10/31/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council to Consider Request from Alameda Point Collaborative to Support their Community Planning Efforts by Reimbursing Unpaid SunCal Consultant Expenses..., November 3, 2010 Documents 10/31/2010
SunCal targets Alameda political opponents in three campaign mailings, October 29, 2010 Documents 10/29/2010
Alameda Sun: Election Hi-Jinks Continue [SunCal], October 28, 2010 Story 10/28/2010
The Island: Decision 2010: D-Day, October 6, 2010 Story 10/06/2010
Alameda Sun: Election Hi-Jinks, October 21, 2010 Story 10/21/2010
Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review: Lehman Blasts SunCal Over Bankruptcy Court 'Gamesmanship', October 20, 2010 Story 10/21/2010
The Island: Decision 2010: Small town, big money, October 20, 2010 Story 10/20/2010
Big Builder News: Ex-SunCal Execs Begin Anew [Argent Management], October 14, 2010 Story 10/16/2010
Argent Management, Solutions for Complex Real Estate Development: Alameda Point, October 17, 2010 Documents 10/17/2010
East Bay Express: Development at the Point Divides Candidates in Alameda, October 13, 2010 Story 10/13/2010
Wall Street Journal: D.E. Shaw Land Bet Proves a Quant's Quagmire, October 13, 2010 Story 10/12/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Matier & Ross: Back with a vengeance [SunCal], October 11, 2010 Story 10/11/2010
San Clemente Times: SunCal CEO Facing Possible $230 Million Hit, October 7, 2010 Story 10/07/2010
Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Claim Jumper, Lehman, DBSD, QOC, Visteon: Bankruptcy, October 4, 2010 Story 10/04/2010
The Island: SunCal sues, again, September 30, 2010 Story 09/30/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal files complaint against Alameda city officials, October 1, 2010 Story 10/01/2010
Wall Street Journal: Real Estate Stings a Backer [SunCal], September 28, 2010 Story 09/28/2010
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal Project Sold for $148 Million, September 17, 2010 Story 09/17/2010
The Island: Alameda City Council: We won’t sue Tam, September 10, 2010 Story 09/10/2010
Alameda Sun: Highsmith Beefs Up Defense Team, September 9, 2010 Story 09/09/2010
Alameda Sun: DA Drops Tam Case, September 9, 2010 Story 09/09/2010
Alameda Journal: D.A. won't charge Tam, but city may still sue, September 10, 2010 Story 09/09/2010
Alameda Sun: Suncal Sues Story 08/12/2010
The Island: Highsmith: ‘The city did nothing wrong’ Story 08/09/2010
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal’s N.M. Land Out of Bankruptcy, in Receivership Story 08/08/2010
Complaint by SunCal against the City of Alameda for Breach of Contract, August 4, 2010 Documents 08/05/2010
Bay Citizen: SunCal Sues the City of Alameda Story 08/05/2010
The Island: BREAKING: SUNCAL SUES CITY Story 08/05/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Developer sues to develop Alameda base Story 08/05/2010
The Island: Navy denies SunCal lawyer’s letter claim Story 08/03/2010
The Island: ALAMEDA POINT: ‘Their arrogance is exceeded only by their arrogance’ Story 08/03/2010
New York Times: After Development Plan Fails, the Accusations Fly Story 08/01/2010
Bay Citizen: Strategist: SunCal Ignored My Advice Story 07/29/2010
East Bay Express: Alameda Point Mini-City Leveled Story 07/28/2010
The Island: Alameda council holds off on new Point direction, charter changes; OKs budget Story 07/28/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Letters Confront City Story 07/23/2010
KTVU: Alameda City Council Dumps Developer's Naval Base Plan Story 07/22/2010
The Island: SunCal vote highlights council, community division Story 07/22/2010
San Francisco Bay Guardian: SunCal threatens to sue, as Alameda votes to kick out base developer Story 07/21/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda severs ties with developer SunCal Story 07/21/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda may sever ties with developer SunCal Story 07/20/2010
The Island: COUNCIL BIDS SUNCAL ADIEU ON 4-0 VOTE Story 07/21/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda set to end ties with SunCal developer Story 07/20/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to City Council alleging that the City Manager has caused numerous harms, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
Mercury News: Term limits shift balance of power to special interests (Part Two) Story 07/18/2010
The Island: LENA TAM INVESTIGATION: “Yes, you’ve got a problem there” Story 07/16/2010
Alameda Sun: Tam Sees Brouhaha as Payback Story 07/15/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council Recommending Approval of Resolution Denying SunCal's Modified Optional Entitlement, July 20 , 2010 Documents 07/15/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal attorney says Alameda could face lawsuit Story 07/15/2010
San Francisco Business Times: Suncal threatens to sue Alameda city manager Story 07/14/2010
Letter from SunCal's Attorney to the City Council declaring that the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement is extended, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
Public Records Act Request from SunCal's Attorney to City Clerk, July 12, 2010 Documents 07/13/2010
Albuquerque Journal: 'Financial Pipe Dream': Westland's Undeveloped West Mesa Tract Put in Receivership Story 06/15/2010
Alameda Sun: City Council Votes to Ask DA to Investigate Tam Story 07/08/2010
The Island: TAM INVESTIGATION UPDATE Story 07/08/2010
SunCal Activity Since June 15, 2010 [July 7, 2010] Documents 07/07/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Probe: Alameda official secretly aided builder Story 07/07/2010
Mercury News: Alameda council member accused of official misconduct Story 07/07/2010
Press Release by the City of Alameda: Alameda City Councilmember Lena Tam Accused of Misconduct in Office, July 6, 2010 Documents 07/07/2010
The Island: CITY MANAGER SEEKS TAM’S OUSTER Story 07/07/2010
The Island: On Point: The final countdown Story 07/06/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Modified Entitlement Application, July 7, 2010 Documents 07/02/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Uses Robocalls to Cull Resident Views Story 07/02/2010
Kane County Chronicle: Settlers Ridge lots in Sugar Grove bought by Calif. developer Story 07/01/2010
KPIX: Fire Risk At Old Oakland Naval Hospital Site Story 06/30/2010
Wall Street Journal: Beaten-Down Markets Find New Fans Story 06/23/2010
Wall Street Journal: Judge Clears Lehman To Close Fenway Deal Over SunCal Protest Story 06/17/2010
Ventura County Star: Ownership of illegal dump on Teal Club Road in dispute Story 06/17/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Status Report of Finalized Navy Term Sheet Mandatory Milestones, June 15, 2010 Documents 06/16/2010
SunCal Activity Since June, 1, 2010 [June 15, 2010] Documents 06/16/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures [print date of June 8, 2010] Documents 06/15/2010
The Island: With the clock ticking, SunCal races to repair image Story 06/10/2010
SunCal Activity Since May 18, 2010, [June 1, 2010] Documents 06/03/2010
Final Report: Alameda Point Pro Forma Market Review, May 24, 2010 Documents 05/28/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal's Optional Entitlement Application and Exclusive Negotiating Agreement, June 1, 2010 Documents 05/28/2010
BusinessWeek: SunCal Appeals Judge’s Ruling on California Projects Story 05/28/2010
Albuquerque Journal: Judge Denies Westland Bankruptcy; Lenders Had Filed Foreclosure Lawsuit Against SunCal Cos Story 05/19/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures (print date of May 20, 2010) Documents 05/24/2010
Alameda Point Public Hearing, Project Status and Update, EIR Scope, [May 10, 2010] Documents 05/21/2010
Alameda Point Redevelopment Project, EIR Scoping Meeting, May 10, 2010 Documents 05/21/2010
Alameda Sun: Developer Signs Labor Agreement Story 05/19/2010
Memo from SunCal to Planning Services Manager regarding Alameda Point CEQA Project Description for Density Bonus Option, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/20/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal sets new course to win public approval Story 05/20/2010
SunCal Activity since May 4, 2010 [May 18, 2010] Documents 05/18/2010
SunCal's expenditures for Alameda Point as of May 10, 2010 Documents 05/18/2010
The Island: SunCal: “We may not have touched on all the bases” Story 05/18/2010
SunCal predevelopment expenditures [print date of May 12, 2010] Documents 05/17/2010
KCBS: A Developer Tries Again in Alameda Story 05/17/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding SunCal Modified Optional Entitlement Application, May 18, 2010 Documents 05/14/2010
BusinessWeek: Lehman to Buy $1.5 Billion in SunCal Projects Loans Story 05/12/2010
Mother Jones: Tall Is Beautiful Story 05/11/2010
The Island: SunCal plan opponents crowd planning meet Story 05/11/2010
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal Stalls Project During Legal Fight with Lender Story 05/10/2010
The Island: Hearing on SunCal’s new Alameda Point plan tonight [Monday, May 10th] Story 05/10/2010
Alameda Sun: Alameda Point EIR Meeting on Tap Story 05/06/2010
Alameda Sun: Focus Turns to Density Bonus at Alameda Point Story 05/06/2010
SUNCAL ACTIVITY SINCE APRIL 20TH, May 4, 2010 Documents 05/05/2010
The Island: On Point: A few quick points Story 05/04/2010
Note on City of Alameda's website stating that SunCal has agreed to pay costs of Measure B special election, May 3, 2010 Documents 05/03/2010
Letter from SunCal to the City of Alameda regarding use of the Density Bonus Law, April 28, 2010 Documents 05/03/2010
Letter from the City of Alameda to SunCal regarding use of the Density Bonus Law, May 3, 2010 Documents 05/03/2010
SunCal Expenditure Report for Alameda Point Project, April 28, 2010 Documents 04/29/2010
The Island: City launches newest Point website Story 04/27/2010
City of Alameda SunCal Updates Documents 04/25/2010
SunCal Expenditure Report for Alameda Point Project, April 12, 2010 Documents 04/25/2010
SunCal Activity Since April 6th [April 20, 2010] Documents 04/25/2010
Alameda Journal: City Council gets update on SunCal talks Story 04/22/2010
Letter from City Manager to SunCal requesting reimbursement for the costs of the February 2, 2010 special election, April 20, 2010 Documents 04/22/2010
Letter from City Attorney to SunCal regarding Notice of Default (NOD), April 21, 2010 Documents 04/22/2010
The Island: ‘SunCal has cured its default’ Story 04/21/2010
SunCal Expenditures in Alameda [undated] Documents 04/15/2010
Alameda Sun: AlPo Developer May Play Density Card Story 04/15/2010
Letter from SunCal to Deputy City Manager regarding CEQA [baseline and density bonus] project description, April 13, 2010 Documents 04/15/2010
The Island: SunCal outlines denser development plan Story 04/15/2010
The Island: On Point: Bonanza! Story 04/14/2010
Letter from City Manager to Frank Faye, Chief Operating Officer of SunCal, regarding disclosure of SunCal pre-development documents, April 6, 2010 Documents 04/13/2010
Clearly New Mexico: Westland DevCo/SunCal Bankruptcy Was No Surprise To TIDD Opponents Story 04/08/2010
San Clemente Times: Minor headway on Marblehead Residential/SunCal Project Story 04/08/2010
The New Mexico Independent: SunCal files for bankruptcy on New Mexico property Story 04/06/2010
Albuquerque Journal: Westland Files for Bankruptcy Story 04/06/2010
The Island: SunCal to pursue Plan A from Measure B Story 04/06/2010
SunCal Activity Since March 16th [2010] Documents 04/05/2010
Reuters: Albuquerque developer files for bankruptcy Story 04/05/2010
SunCal's Modified Optional Entitlement Application, March 22, 2010 Documents 03/24/2010
BusinessWeek: Lehman to Repurchase Loans to SunCal Projects Story 03/26/2010
Letter from SunCal to City Manager regarding Notice of Default, March 17, 2010 Documents 03/23/2010
Cover letter from SunCal to City Manager introducing Optional Entitlement Application, March 22, 2010 Documents 03/23/2010
The Island: SunCal appears to meet default deadline Story 03/23/2010
The Island: SUNCAL: ‘WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE’ Story 03/17/2010
The Island: On Point: Time keeps on ticking Story 03/15/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council recommending denial of SunCal's request to extend cure period for notice of default Documents 03/12/2010
Letter from SunCal to City Council asking for an extension of 60 days to cure notice of default, March 9, 2010 Documents 03/10/2010
Orange County Business Journal: SunCal Cos.’ Bay Area Base Redevelopment in Jeopardy Story 03/07/2010
Previous proposals Point Counterpoint 06/08/2009
Fiscal neutrality Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
Community Involvement Point Counterpoint 06/07/2009
East Bay Express: Alameda Point Deadline Looms Story 03/03/2010
Orange County Register: SunCal continues efforts to fund Marblehead Story 03/02/2010
The Island: A little bit of this, a little bit of that Story 02/17/2010
The Island: SunCal withdraws extension request Story 02/16/2010
San Francisco Business Times: SunCal Co. stumbles on Alameda naval project Story 02/15/2010
Orange County Register: Settlement could stir new activity at Marblehead Coastal site Story 02/15/2010
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding extending the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement with SunCal, February 16, 2010 Documents 02/12/2010
Alameda Sun: Gallant's AlPo [Alameda Point] Ultimatum Story 02/11/2010
Alameda Sun: Fate of the Base Story 02/11/2010
Alameda Journal: City sends default notice to SunCal Story 02/11/2010
The Island: Council may want less dense Point Story 02/11/2010
Alameda Sun: SunCal Sends Cash After Deadline Story 04/24/2008
San Francisco Business Times: Roadblocks stymie Alameda project Story 02/05/2010
The Island: City to SunCal: New Point plan must be Measure A compliant Story 02/05/2010
City of Alameda Press Release: City of Alameda Will Continue Efforts to Redevelop Alameda Point, February 5, 2010 Documents 02/05/2010
Default Notice from City Manager to Suncal, February 4, 2010 Documents 02/06/2010
The Island: On Point: A recap Story 02/08/2010
SunCal's reply to City's Default Notice, February 6, 2010 Documents 02/08/2010
Alameda Sun: Alameda Votes B Down Story 02/04/2010
San Jose Mercury: Measure B dealt crushing defeat in Alameda Story 02/03/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Voters rejecting Alameda development project Story 02/02/2010
Alameda Sun: ARRA, CIC Hear About Point Negotiation, Finance Story 01/28/2010
East Bay Express: Plan B for Measure B Story 01/27/2010
East Bay Express: No on Measure B Story 01/26/2010
SunCal's Optional Entitlement Application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/26/2010
Alameda Journal: SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point Story 01/21/2010
Letter from SunCal to City Manager regarding optional entitlement application, January 14, 2010 Documents 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The Letter Story 01/21/2010
The Island: On Point: The new deal? Story 01/19/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial: Alameda's Measure B is off base Story 01/17/2010
East Bay Express: Changing the Rules at Alameda Point Story 06/23/2009
Campaign mailer from Alamedans for Alameda Point Revitalization, Received September 19, 2009 Documents 09/19/2009
The Valley Chronicle: Who’s minding McSweeny Farms? Story 08/21/2009
KTVU: Judge Approves $3.7M Plan To Clean Up Failed Oakland Housing Project [Oak Knoll] Story 01/12/2010
Press release by Oakland City Attorney: Judge Approves Lehman Cash to Clean Up Oak Knoll, January 11, 2010 Documents 01/11/2010
The Island: Operating at the Point Story 10/06/2008
Statement by New Mexico State Representative, Ben Rodefer, regarding SunCal facing foreclosure, December 22, 2009 Documents 01/03/2010
Contra Costa Times: Wall Street collapse kicks up Delta dust Story 10/23/2009
California Magazine: Waterworld Story 01/02/2010
The New Mexico Independent: Adios 2009: David v. Goliath Story 01/01/2010
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal May Face Foreclosure Story 12/19/2009
The Island: On Point: And that’s the word Story 12/18/2009
SunCal's Responses to Alameda Point Master Developer Follow-up Questions, March 8, 2007 Documents 12/12/2009
The Island: On Point: SunCal and the schools Story 12/10/2009
The Island: SunCal drops another $135k on Measure B campaign Story 12/08/2009
Letter from the Alameda Unified School District to Alameda Families Regarding SunCal Ballot Measure, December 2, 2009 Documents 12/03/2009
East Bay Express: Developer Losing Support for Initiative Story 12/02/2009
Alameda Chamber of Commerce Election Report on SunCal Ballot Initiative Documents 11/13/2009
Letter from City Manager to SunCal regarding ballot measure, November 18, 2009 Documents 11/19/2009
Minutes of the City of Alameda Economic Development Commission, April 17, 2008 Documents 11/22/2009
The Island: The Island interviews: SunCal’s Pat Keliher Story 02/04/2009
Alameda Point Development Initiative Election Phase II Preliminary Traffic Impact, September 14, 2009 Documents 09/14/2009
San Francisco Business Times: Lehman to pay $3.7M for Oak Knoll cleanup Story 11/19/2009
Orange County Register: Marblehead developer optimistic some work may resume soon Story 11/18/2009
Oakland Tribune: Progress at Oak Knoll -- buildings coming down Story 11/18/2009
Letters from SunCal to City Manager Regarding City's Election Report, October 19 2009 Documents 10/22/2009
Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority Memo, November 5, 2008 Documents 11/15/2009
Oakland Tribune: Money for Oak Knoll demolition on its way Story 11/16/2009
San Clemente Times: Promises Broken The development at Marblehead Coastal is on hold as SunCal faces legal and economic challenges Story 03/05/2008
San Francisco Chronicle: Deal in Oak Knoll's Lehman Bros. suit near Story 11/13/2009
[Oakland] CENTRAL CITY EAST PROJECT AREA COMMITTEE [Minutes], September 11, 2006 Documents 11/11/2009
Orange County Register: Owner of bankrupt O.C. project buys Vegas land Story 11/07/2009
The Island: On Point: Meanwhile, in Oakland Story 11/06/2009
Las Vegas Sun: SunCal buys home lots after Kimball Hill liquidation Story 11/05/2009
Alameda Sun: Council Sets Initiative Date Story 11/05/2009
Alameda Journal: Council OKs Feb. 2 election for SunCal plan Story 11/05/2009
The Island: Point proponents fire back Story 11/03/2009
The Island: February 2, 2010 Story 11/02/2009
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding DE Shaw October 7, 2008 -- Second Amendment to the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement Documents 06/05/2009
The Island: UPDATED Attorney raises legal questions about Point plan Story 06/13/2009
Letter from the City of Oakland to the City of Alameda regarding 2004 Chinatown Settlement, October 21, 2009 Documents 10/31/2009
Letter from the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce to the City of Alameda regarding 2004 Settlement Agreement, October 14, 2009 Documents 10/31/2009
Alameda Journal: Councilman [Matarrese] opposes SunCal proposal for Alameda Point Story 10/29/2009
Alameda Sun: Developer to Foot EIR Bill Story 10/29/2009
Oakland Tribune: Lawyers wrangle while Oak Knoll deteriorates Story 10/22/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: Stalled Oak Knoll development leaves fire fears Story 10/22/2009
The Capistrano Dispatch: Work on Valle Road Story 10/23/2009
Press Release: Alameda Architectural Preservation Society Opposes SunCal’s Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative Documents 10/21/2009
The Island: The four to midnight shift Story 10/21/2009
The Island: A quick Point postscript Story 10/19/2009
Albuquerque Journal: Taxpayers May Foot $8M Bill For Waterline Story 04/14/2009
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal, Water Authority in Dispute Story 11/19/2008
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal Defaults on Loans Story 03/16/2008
Orange County Registrar: SunCal responds to questions about unpaid debts Story 03/03/2008
The Valley Chronicle: Hemet seeks to help McSweeney residents Story 09/25/2009
Silver City Sun-News: We need to end giveaways in New Mexico budget Story 09/06/2009
Sacramento Bee: 3 posh projects go bust as Valley dreams bite the dust Story 10/11/2008
East Bay Business Times: Alameda approves two-year negotiating agreement with SunCal Story 07/19/2007
East Bay Business Times: SunCal may want to build more homes at Alameda Point Story 04/24/2009
East Bay Business Times: SunCal wants partner for Alameda Point Story 09/04/2008
Alameda Journal: Mayor, chamber speak out against ballot initiative Story 10/15/2009
The Island: Alameda Point Page Story 10/09/2009
Alameda Sun: Chamber Board Opposes SunCal Story 09/24/2009
The Island: Alameda Chamber opposes SunCal initiative Story 09/22/2009
Oakland City Attorney Statement: $500,000 not enough to clean up Oak Knoll, October 8, 2009 Documents 10/09/2009
The Island: On Point: Turning a page Story 10/09/2009
Press Release from SunCal regarding Oak Knoll, October 8, 2009 Documents 10/08/2009
Oakland Tribune: Bankruptcy trustee releases funds to reduce fire hazard at Oak Knoll Story 10/08/2009
Alameda Sun: City to Study Point's Impact on Chinatown Story 10/08/2009
Orange County Business Journal: Lehman Plan Ok'd; Impact Unclear for SunCal Story 10/07/2009
Bloomberg: Lehman Judge Says It Can Move Ahead With Suncal Plan Story 10/07/2009
New Mexico Independent: Albuquerque: You Have a New Mayor Story 10/07/2009
East Bay Express: A Disaster Waiting to Happen [Oak Knoll] Story 10/06/2009
Alameda Journal: Chamber to host meetings on Alameda Point initiative Story 10/01/2009
The New Mexico Independent: ABQ [Albuquerque] council races could determine how city grows Story 10/01/2009
San Clemente Times: Courtney’s Sand Castle Moves Forward Story 10/01/2009
East Bay Express: Hidden Costs Story 09/02/2008
The New Mexico Independent: SunCal targets Cadigan in election mailer Story 09/30/2009
Minutes: Oakland Chinatown Advisory Committee, August 6, 2009 Documents 09/29/2009
The Island: City to study impacts of Point plan Story 09/29/2009
Press Enterprise: Residents of Hemet development turn to city for help Story 09/29/2009
The Island: SunCal: Alameda project not backed by Lehman Story 09/16/2008
Two letters regarding conditions at Oak Knoll sent by Sequoyah Hills/Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association Documents 09/22/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: Neighbors sue Lehman Bros. over Oak Knoll site Story 09/25/2009
Alameda Sun: Lehman Files Bankruptcy-Exit Plan Story 09/24/2009
Alameda Journal: SunCal turns in petitions for Alameda Point ballot measure Story 09/24/2009
The Island: On Point: A little bit of this, a little bit of that Story 09/24/2009
The Island: SUNCAL SUBMITS SIGNATURES Story 09/23/2009
Bloomberg Press: Lehman, SunCal Battle in Court for Luxury Home Sites Story 09/22/2009
San Francisco Business Times: SunCal rolls $200M dice on Oak Knoll hospital site Story 11/22/2007
East Bay Express: Alameda Chamber Opposes SunCal Initiative Story 09/22/2009
Wall Street Journal: Daily Bankruptcy Review: Lehman Brothers Seeks To Bid On SunCal Real-Estate Projects Story 09/22/2009
East Bay Express: Lehman, SunCal, and Alameda Point Story 09/24/2008
Orange County Business Journal: Projects With SunCal Drive Part of Lehman's Big Loss Story 06/22/2009
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