Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The first phase of land transfer by the Navy to the City of Alameda occurred on June 4, 2013. It included 509 acres of land and 870 acres of submerged land. Other parcels will be conveyed as environmental cleanup is completed, with final conveyance expected by 2019.

See attached conveyance map.

The Navy and the US Fish & Wildlife Service reached an impasse in 2004 during negotiations for 549 acres of the runway area to become the Alameda National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge area will now be transferred to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), along with an additional 74 acres on the Northwest Territories where a clinic and columbarium will be constructed.

The VA will preserve 511 acres as open space for the protection of the endangered California Least Terns and other wildlife. The VA will also construct a Conservation Management Office that will include a public meeting room for conservation volunteers and educational functions. The VA will contract with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to continue managing the least tern colony.

On March 19, 2013, the Alameda City Council adopted a resolution affirming its continued support for wildlife conservation on the area formerly known as the wildlife refuge, and for zoning it “Nature Reserve."

Funding for the Nature Reserve at this point is limited to the work of the Fish & Wildlife Service in managing the least terns. Future funding for landscape enhancements, nature trails, educational and interpretive programs, and a Bay Trail extension around the perimeter remains a challenge.

Photos, videos, and stories can be seen on the Alameda Point Environmental Report:

The city launched its current planning effort in February 2013. The planning effort includes the preparation and adoption of the following:

These documents are expected to be completed and approved in February of 2014. The public planning process was described in the attached "Planning and Meeting Schedule." Regularly scheduled workshops and hearings take place at Planning Board meetings and City Council meetings.

The NAS Alameda Community Reuse Plan was adopted in 1996 as a guiding document for the conversion of Naval Air Station-Alameda to civilian use. It is the guiding document for the No-cost Economic Development Conveyance of land from the Navy to Alameda that begins in late 2013.

The objectives outlined in the Community Reuse Plan are:
• Seamlessly integrate Alameda Point with the rest of the city
• Foster a vibrant new neighborhood
• Maximize waterfront accessibility
• De-emphasize the automobile and make new development compatible with transportation capacity
• Ensure economic development
• Create a mixed-use environment
• Establish neighborhood centers


Cleanup is being completed in phases. Major portions of Alameda Point have been cleared for transfer to the city in 2013. The projected date for completion of all cleanup by the Navy is 2019.

The "Finding of Suitability to Transfer" document spells out how the cleanup effort meets all of the federal and state guidelines for the residential and commercial uses that were agreed upon between the city and Navy in 2006. See attachments.

A new bridge is not feasible due to the height required by the Port of Oakland. A drawbridge is unlikely, as it would interfere with the rapid response requirement of the Coast Guard ships located at Coast Guard Island.

We are not aware of any feasibility studies ever performed on the construction of an additional tunnel to Oakland. However, the 1998 “Draft Report – Alameda Point Financing Plan" assumes that no new bridge or tunnel will be built due to the report's educated guess that either crossing would cost between $300 and $700 million (in 1998 dollars).

"New bridge or tunnel to be determined" - 1996 map

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In an effort to consolidate and improve its Northern California service to veterans, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is planning a new state-of-the-art outpatient clinic and offices at Alameda Point. The facilities will be adjacent to the area designated by the city as a Nature Reserve. A columbarium is also proposed as part of this project.

The VA and Navy are jointly conducting an environmental review. The comment period on the VA/Navy Environmental Assessment ended on April 19, 2013. The final environmental assessment was issued on November 18, 2013.

Total estimated cost to complete the project is $210 million. It will include a new roadway and underground infrastructure from the old Main Gate on the north side of Alameda Point, along West Redline Avenue, and out to the site on the runway area.

The original timeline is behind schedule. Transfer of the land from the Navy to the VA is now scheduled for 2014. The projected completion date for the clinic and phase one of the columbarium is 2017.

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