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Alameda Sun: Point Lagoon Ferry Service in Limbo, February 4, 2016 Story 02/06/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Waterfront Park plans – Public comment welcomed, January 11, 2016 Documents 01/11/2016
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Harbor seal dock, ferry depot plans on track, January 7, 2016 Documents 01/08/2016
KRON: Rain causing major damage to USS Hornet in Alameda, December 9, 2015 Story 12/10/2015
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Possible Wetlands Mitigation Bank at Alameda Point, September 1, 2015 Documents 08/20/2015
San Francisco Public Press: Major S.F. Bayfront Developments Advance Despite Sea Rise Warnings, July 29, 2015 Story 07/30/2015
Alameda Magazine: Hope Floats for Alameda’s Harbor Seals, July 2015 Story 07/15/2015
KTVU: Alameda residents concerned harbor seals may find new home amid construction project, July 8, 2015 Story 07/09/2015
San Jose Mercury News: City Council gets update on 'haul-out' for harbor seals, July 7, 2015 Story 07/08/2015
The Alamedan: New resting spot for seals moves forward, July 7, 2015 Story 07/08/2015
Contra Costa Times: New home for harbor seals proposed, July 2, 2015 Story 07/02/2015
Contra Costa Times: Planning Board backs new ferry maintenance facility, March 25, 2015 Story 03/26/2015
The Alamedan: Council okays lease for ferry maintenance building [WETA], March 18, 2015 Story 03/19/2015
Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Design Review and Use Permit Applications for Construction of a Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, Emergency Operations Center, Outdoor Fuel Storage Area..., March 23, 2015 Documents 03/17/2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel: Alameda expected to greenlight seal dock, March 16, 2015 Story 03/17/2015
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Alameda and the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) regarding the Construction of a Replacement Seal Haul Out at Alameda Pt., March 17, 2015 Documents 03/05/2015
The Alamedan: Council considers lease for ferry maintenance facility, March 3, 2015 Story 03/03/2015
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Federal Fisheries Service turns its back on harbor seals at Alameda Point, February 28, 2015 Documents 02/28/2015
Alameda Sun: New WETA Facility Raising Concerns, February, 26, 2015 Story 02/27/2015
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Takes of Marine Mammals Incidental to Specified Activities; Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority Central Bay Operations..., February 25, 2015 Documents 02/25/2015
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Approving a Lease and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Documents Necessary to Implement the Terms of a 60 Year Lease Agreement ..., March 3, 2015 Documents 02/23/2015
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Find the wetland near Building 25 at Alameda Point, December 12, 2014 Documents 12/12/2014
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding ... Authorizing the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute Documents Necessary to Implement the Terms of a Lease with Bay Ship and Yacht for Sixty Months in Bldg. 292 at 1450 Ferry Pt, December 2, 2014 Documents 11/20/2014
Harbor Seal Petition Documents 10/19/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Ferry agency seeks harbor seal harassment permit, September 22, 2014 Documents 09/23/2014
Alameda Sun: Locals Plan to Hold Back Sea Level Rise, August 14, 2014 Story 08/15/2014
Alameda Journal: Council OKs 'Waterfront Town Center,' July 30, 2014 Story 07/30/2014
KALW: Holding back rising sea levels in the City of Alameda, July 23, 2014 Story 07/23/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Dragon boat, canoe races held at Alameda Point, July, 15, 2014 Documents 07/16/2014
Alameda Ferry Terminals Access Study, June 2014 Documents 06/14/2014
Alameda Sun: Point Ferry Facility Hearing on Monday, January 3, 2013 Story 01/04/2014
Contra Costa Times: Alameda: Feds award $3 million grant for new ferry maintenance center, June 3, 2014 Story 06/03/2014
Memo from City Planner to Planning Board Regarding Draft Alameda Point Waterfront Town Center Precise Plan, June 9, 2014 Documents 06/02/2014
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Shoreline public access plan approved for Veterans Affairs property, March 3, 2014 Documents 03/03/2014
Oakland Local: Cartography: Follow the money from the Bay Area’s shores, February 22, 2014 Story 02/23/2014
American Society of Civil Engineers: Rockefeller Foundation Cites 11 Most Resilient U.S. Cities, January 7, 2014 Story 01/08/2014
California Environmental Quality Act Findings and Statement of Overriding Consideration for the Alameda Point Project, December 2013 Documents 01/06/2014
Alameda Point Project: Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program, December 2013 Documents 01/06/2014
Alameda Journal: Ferry maintainence facility proposed for Alameda Point, December 31, 2013 Story 12/31/2013
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Ferry Maintenance Facility Shoreline Public Access Hearing, December 30, 2013 Documents 12/31/2013
Alameda Point Final EIR, December 2013 Documents 12/24/2013
Final EIR for Alameda Point: Response to Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report, December 2013 Documents 12/18/2013
The Alamedan: Council considers sea rise protections for Alameda Point, November 21, 2013 Story 11/21/2013
Alameda Journal: City Council briefed on projected sea level rise at Alameda Point, November 20, 2013 Story 11/20/2013
Alameda Point Aerial Map (Tidelands & Zoning) Documents 11/13/2013
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Revised Draft Master Infrastructure Plan for Alameda Point; and (2) Presentation on Sea-Level Rise Protection Strategy for Alameda Point included in Draft Master Infrastructure Plan, November 19, 2013 Documents 11/07/2013
Memo from Chief Operating Officer, Alameda Point to Planning Board Regarding Presentation on Draft Master Infrastructure Plan for Alameda Point, November 13, 2013 Documents 11/01/2013
City of Alameda Survey: Alameda Point waterfront experience, October 24, 2013 Documents 10/24/2013
Town Center Core Progress Update: Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan, October 14, 2013 Documents 10/03/2013
San Francisco Chronicle: Alameda Point studies threat of rising sea level, September 24, 2013 Story 09/24/2013
Memo from City Manager to City Council and Planning Board Regarding Disposition Strategy for Alameda Point. (Base Reuse 819099), September 25, 2013 Documents 09/18/2013
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Review and Comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Alameda Point Project. (Base Reuse), September 25, 2013 Documents 09/18/2013
Public Forum: Alameda Point Plans and Rising Sea Levels: Will Climate Change Sink Redevelopment? September, 26, 2013 Documents 09/18/2013
The Alamedan: Alameda Point Explained: A plan to stem the tides, September 6, 2013 Story 09/06/2013
Memo from City Manager to City Council Regarding Draft Master Infrastructure Plan and Conceptual Financing Plan for Alameda Point, September 17, 2013 Documents 09/05/2013
San Francisco Chronicle: How Alaskan quake could lead to California tsunami, September 4, 2013 Story 09/05/2013
Alameda Point Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), September 2013 Documents 09/03/2013
Contra Costa Times: Alameda: Planning Board to consider 'Town Center' at former Navy base, August 14, 2013 Story 08/15/2013
Public Hearing to Discuss the Draft Conceptual Framework Options for the Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan, August 21, 2013 Documents 08/14/2013
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Massive landscaping project changing scenic area on Nature Reserve, August 5, 2013 Documents 08/06/2013
Draft EIR for the Reuse of the Naval Air Station Alameda and Fleet Industrial Service Center, Alameda Annex and Facility, Alameda, California, May 1999 Documents 03/04/2010
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Landscaping the Navy’s underground waste disposal site, June 4, 2013 Documents 06/09/2013
Memo from City Planner and the Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to Planning Board regarding Public Hearing to Discuss the Alameda Point Planning Guide, Including Sub-Area Descriptions, May 29, 2013 Documents 05/22/2013
Memo from City Planner and the Chief Operating Officer of Alameda Point to Planning Board regarding Public Hearing to Discuss Planning Concepts and Questions for the Alameda Point Town and Waterfront Sub-area, May 29, 2013 Documents 05/22/2013
The Alamedan: Comment sought on environmental impacts of clinic, cemetery at Alameda Point, February 26, 2013 Story 02/26/2013
Alameda Journal: Alameda: Planning Board to look at draft EIR for former Navy base, January 25, 2013 Story 01/24/2013
Public Hearing: Extension and modification of an Interim Use Permit for Outdoor Maritime Facilities and Floating Docks at the Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point, January 8, 2013 Documents 01/01/2013
The Alamedan: Planning Board to discuss Alameda Point jobs plan, November 26, 2012 Story 11/26/2012
San Jose Mercury News: State panel OKs Alameda Point redevelopment deal, October 22, 2012 Story 10/23/2012
The Alamedan: State commission okays Alameda Point land swap deal, October 23, 2012 Story 10/23/2012
Proposed Plan for Operable Unit 2C Installation Restoration Sites 5, 10, and 12 Former NAS Alameda, September 2012 Documents 09/28/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Navy receives comments on landfill/wetlands plans on Alameda Point wildlife refuge, July 15, 2012 Documents 07/16/2012
East Bay Express: Climate Change Will Unleash Buried Toxics, July 12, 2012 Story 07/13/2012
The Alamedan: America's Cup team gets okay for additions to Alameda Point home, June, 26, 2012 Story 06/26/2012
National Academies Press: Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, and Future, 2012 Documents 06/23/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Hidden wetlands of Alameda Point, June 18, 2012 Documents 06/19/2012
Alameda Sun: Wildlife Refuge Off Limits, May 31, 2012 Story 06/01/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Scenic Alameda Point wildlife refuge section to be off limits with security fence, May 31, 2012 Documents 05/31/2012
East Bay Express: A New Vision for Alameda Point, May 23, 2012 Story 05/23/2012
Alameda Community News Project: On Point: Penciling out, May 1, 2012 Story 05/01/2012
Alameda Sun: Lagoon Study on Tap, April 27, 2012 Story 04/27/2012
Memo from City Manager to City Council regarding Adopting a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute a Final Naval Air Station Alameda Exchange Agreement between the City of Alameda and the State of California, May 2. 2012 Documents 04/25/2012
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Precision Dredging at the Pier Area, January 20, 2012 Documents 01/20/2012
KQED: Six Bay Area Cities Play the Waiting Game, January 13, 2012 Story 01/14/2012
Alameda Point Sustainability Workshop Presentation, June 14, 2011 Documents 06/28/2011
Alameda Point sea level rise map from Pacific Institute Documents 09/23/2011
Alameda Times Star: Berkeley lab cites sea levels as concern for possible Alameda campus, September 22, 2011 Story 09/22/2011
Center on Urban Environmental Law: Flight Park at Alameda Point, September 1, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Alameda Point Environmental Report: Wetlands, Trails, Natural Habitat Concept Drawings for Alameda Point, September 22, 2011 Documents 09/22/2011
Water Emergency Transportation Authority, Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility, March 2011 Documents 08/24/2011
Alameda Journal: Alameda planners look at projected rise in sea levels, July 29, 2011 Story 07/28/2011
Memo from Planning Services Manager to Planning Board regarding Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Proposed Bay Plan Amendments to Address Sea Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area, July 25, 2011 Documents 07/21/2011
San Francisco Chronicle: Treasure Island: potential future of urban life, April 20, 2011 Story 04/20/2011
SF Public Press: Huge development on fringe of Bay sparks debate over ‘smart growth’, November 10, 2010 Story 11/10/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Fast-track sought for Treasure Island project Story 08/12/2010
San Mateo County Times: More Bay, less Area Sea level rise will threaten residents but Bay Area has no comprehensive protection strategy Story 06/13/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Bill to fund efforts to restore bay's wetlands Story 04/23/2010
Master Infrastructure Preliminary Cost Estimate Redevelopment Master Plan Phases 1-5 & Adaptive Re-Use Alameda Point, December 19, 2008 Documents 04/08/2010
Financial Times: Offshore expansion [Treasure Island] Story 03/20/2010
California Magazine: Waterworld Story 01/02/2010
Letter from City Manager to SunCal regarding ballot measure, November 18, 2009 Documents 11/19/2009
Albuquerque Journal: Taxpayers May Foot $8M Bill For Waterline Story 04/14/2009
Albuquerque Journal: SunCal, Water Authority in Dispute Story 11/19/2008
2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy: Discussion Draft Documents 08/04/2009
San Francisco Chronicle: S.F., East Bay fear water rationing in future Story 09/24/2009
Alameda Sun: Prepare for the Worst, State Agency Advises Story 08/06/2009
California Flood Risk: Sea Level Rise: Oakland West Quadrangle Documents 08/04/2009
SANITARY SEWER Uncertainty 06/18/2009